Here to serve you during COVID-19

Laengert Law continues to remain fully operational during COVID-19. I have moved all of my client meetings to either video conferences or telephone calls as appropriate, and am happy to continue to serve you.

Due to recent developments, I am now also able to complete the entire process of drafting or updating your wills and/or powers of attorney via video conference. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further details!

As previously announced, I am also able to commission and/or notarize documents over video conference.

With both of the above options we will need to make use of couriers and/or drop off of documents more than previously, but I am committed to assisting you during this time.

If you have an upcoming real estate transaction with my office, rest assured that I am here to assist you in completing your transaction as always, and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

I hope to speak with you soon! In the meantime, please stay safe.

Adapting in Response to COVID-19

As we as a community take precautions to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus, rest assured that I am committed to taking the necessary steps to keep myself and my clients safe while continuing to operate with as little interruption as possible.

Thankfully my business model is already virtual in many aspects. I work out of a home office, and my telephone reception service is located off site. No other staff work out of this location.

I am currently avoiding all in-person client meetings until further notice, with all meetings being held by telephone and/or video conference. I am also working toward implementing electronic signature procedures as quickly as possible.

In accordance with the Law Society of Ontario’s communications earlier this week, I will also be moving toward virtual commissioning and notarization of documents wherever possible.

These are unprecedented circumstances, and you can rest assured that I will use all available options and virtual tools to continue to serve my clients.

Where in-person meetings may be unavoidable (for example, signing wills and powers of attorney), rest assured that my office is used solely for business purposes and will be sanitized before and after every meeting. The only other occupant of the house is my husband, who has also been working from home since early March, and we are both symptom-free. Nevertheless, if you are ill with flu-like symptoms and/or have traveled outside of the country within the past 14 days, I will ask that we postpone your meeting until you are well again and outside of your self-isolation period.

On another note, if you don’t have a will and/or powers of attorneys in place, now is a fantastic time to get that done. I am happy to arrange will and power of attorney planning meetings over the phone or by video conference. Please feel free to contact me for more information and for a quote.

Back on Prospect St!

I’m happy to report that we’re finally moving back into my home office at 301 Prospect St in Newmarket. If you’re a longtime client of the firm you’ll likely know that we had a fire in the house at the end of 2017. While the fire damage itself was relatively minor, it exposed major structural issues with the home which eventually necessitated a full rebuild from the ground up. We’re now back in and getting settled, and I look forward to welcoming you back into my office here.

A few notes to be aware of: some of the outdoor construction has been delayed by weather and may not be complete until spring. As a result, you can park either in the driveway or around the corner on Pearson St depending where you feel comfortable. As well, please use the side/rear steps until the front steps are completed (with railing).

I also want to say a huge thanks to our contractors and all of the workers who have done such a beautiful job reconstructing the house.

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your continued support.

Phones Back Up and Running!

Please note that our phone lines are back up and running today. We don’t expect any further issues with this, but we will be moving to a new service provider so if you have any trouble getting through during the transition you can always reach us by email.

A new office, once again

After three years operating out of a beautiful home office in downtown Newmarket, I’ve had to make another change in location, this time not by choice but rather due to a fire on the premises.  Thankfully the fire was relatively minor, no one was hurt, and the office itself was only affected by smoke damage.  Sincerest thanks go out to Newmarket’s fire, EMS, and police services for their amazing work.  Plans for restoration and renovation are well underway, and we can’t wait until we’ll be back in that space.

In the meantime, I’ve set up a virtual office with Apples Suites in Aurora, located at 16 Industrial Parkway South.  All deliveries are to be sent to this address, and I will be meeting clients both at Apple Suites and at my home office elsewhere in Newmarket.  All telephone, email, and fax information will remain the same.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my clients for their ongoing trust and support, and I look forward to the opportunity to assist with your next real estate transaction, refinance, estate planning matter, or notarization.

New Office!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’m happy to announce that after some delay, Laengert Law has moved to a new office in Newmarket.  We’re still getting settled in, but stayed tuned for more info in the coming weeks.


Hello everyone, and welcome to Laengert Law!  I’ll be using this blog to post short and informative articles on topics of interest to my clients.  Check back soon for an article about why it’s important to have a will.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment if there are any specific topics you’d like to read about!